Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Is Here!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Happy Summer everyone!

Apparently I'm celebrating by cranking up the heat! Woo! (First, in my spin class and second, in my HOT HOT studio where I put the finishing touches on this new painting.)


Here's a few detail shots of the 3ft X 3ft canvas.

I used my favorite "excavation" technique to paint this one - fitting, don't you think for a painting of ancient Egyptians?


I should explain a bit about "excavating". . .

See I don't create these images.....I find them there after painting in a messy background. Really I do! There is NO WAY I'd come up with this wacky composition....just couldn't do it.


What's really really crazy is that within the past month, I've gone to see both the Cleopatra exhibit in Los Angeles and the King Tut exhibit in Seattle.


So maybe....just maybe, my subconscious is carrying those images...I dunno. Is that woo woo? Maybe, but it's fun.

(BTW - I did add in the pyramids and the hieroglyphics. Those are the only images that I "designed".)


I call this painting "Lineage" and while I "excavated" images on a canvas here, I teach YOU how to do it in your art journals in 21 Secrets: An Online Art Journal Playground.

21 Secrets is open until the end of the year, so there's still time to play. You get access to my class, AND 20 other workshops for only $59. Really great deal, huh?

Go here for more details.

So how will you spend your summer?
Is the heat already cranked up where you're at?
Do you have a pool?
Do you need a pool buddy? (Hint hint.)

Side Note:  WOWSER!  I JUST figured out how to make my sentences and pics look right here again on Blogger - they made some changes to the program recently and I was stumped!  Woo hoo!!


Charlotte Pettus said...

Girlie-girl... you leave me floored and speechless by your work pretty regularly. I think, "I want to retire, so I can do nothing but paint like Trac." ;-) I know that's not how it works... but that's how it always *feels* when I see your work... Like someone's taken a seriously long vacation and is just "chillin'". But I know how much work is in there♥

Natasha said...

I was JUST playing with hieroglyphics!! Your work inspires me to no end LOVE it!!!! I love your process of discovery it's fascinating!!!!!