Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13 - Art Every Day Month: Style Files

Sunday, November 13, 2011
I wouldn't call what I've been up to today "art".
But you see, where I'm from, there's an old saying.....
It goes something like this, "Sometimes you fish, sometimes you cut bait."

And what I do in my "Style Files" is cut A LOT of bait.

In my large blank book, I gather images.

Images of what I dream of - exotic clothes, creative spaces, crazy color combinations . . .

camel rides, outdoor showers and locales from Morocco to Marfa, Texas . . .

Not only is my "Style File" a place to dream, it also provides a cache of "models" for sketching.

It's clear that I have varied tastes - from sleek, modern homes to quaint cottages filled with roses.

I may be fickle and eclectic in what draws my eye - but dark, spicy, ethnic and worldly is what this Texas-born, green-eyed, blonde truly longs for. It's so easy to see that after collaging soooo many images in this fat book of mine.

This is the perfect little project for lazy days - days too lazy to pull out much more than scissors and a glue stick.

By the way, my absolutely favorite magazines to pull images from are the imports.
Things just look different in those mags - eye candy, for sure! Here's a few:

Inside Out Magazine from Austrailia
Living Etc. Magazine from the UK
Marie Claire Idees from France

and my fave catalogs are these:

Free People, Anthropologie and Johnny Was.

Do you cut and paste? I'd love to see some of yours if you do! Comment with a link!

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stacy kathryn said...

I love this! And all your models in one place for you to sketch! Brilliant. I don't do this enough but every once in a while I clip some inspiration from magazines!

Jenn said...

Style Files - I like! Loving the collages - hmmm, you've given me inspiration!!! Sounds like you enjoyed your nice and lazy day!

Kelly said...

I do cut and paste :> Your pages remind me of an inspiration journal that I bought and completed one time. It encouraged you ro cut out fashion that attracted you, career images, interior design...etc.... many of the topics that you address. It was a great way to focus in on what you like and what is important to you.