Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11 - Art Every Day Month: Painted Tote

Friday, November 11, 2011
Today, wanting a break from the usual canvas or paper, I grabbed one of my "art bags" - this one is a canvas tote bag I'd gotten as one of those "gift with purchases" at Victoria Secret.

I'd painted the bag a long time ago with a really bright palette - it was now time for a new look.

I figured the best way to change the look would be to begin with black and I haphazardly slapped on inexpensive acrylic paints with a sponge brush. It easily covered the old design. I didn't clean the brush or let dry in between the black and the white, so grey became the third base color.

After letting that dry a while, I began painting a "loose" floral design in a range of colors and shapes. You can still see some of the "old look" in the corners and edges - I like the imperfection of this project!

I added in splotches of green "leaves" and a scribble or two. Tomorrow, when this baby is completely dry, I'll likely add spatter, drip and/or pen marks, ala graffiti style. Spray paint anyone? I'll snap a pic when it's done and share with you later....

Last, but not least, I used up the paint left on the palette - into the art journal it went - a bouquet just for you!

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latebloomerbuds said...

What a nice departure from the canvas. Your flowers look fab! Margie

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

This is such a vibrant and living ad for your creativity... hope you gets lots of positives when people see you using it xx