Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scenes From The Studio

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spending hours each day in the studio this week.

Finished this one just today . . . She makes me happy.

I've got a fire in the belly since spending time with the master's works housed at SFMOMA. I went with my friend, and FEARLESS™ Painting teacher, Connie. (Seriously, have you taken one of her online classes yet? You just gotta.)

Since I'm practically living there, I thought I'd share a few scenes from the studio . . .

And just because I never have, I'm showing some of my Mom's paintings too . . . we share our studio space.

These 3 little gems are a bit of her recent work.

Isn't it rich? She's been painting for a very long time. (I like to think her talent will rub off on me.)

Here she is putting a few finishing touches on a piece.

And her side of the studio -

I know, we're both kind of neat that way....even when flingin' paint.

Can you guess my favorite color (lately)? Swoon. I'm so in love with Golden's metallics....second best is a glitter flecked graphite (but I just can't remember the name.)

Today, I even took the time to sort all my paints - I was positive I was missing some needed colors. Uh...guess not. (Ka-ching!) Well, now I know I got some for the home studio, some for the big studio. (Okay...I got doubles. Damn. I do love me a trip to the art store - as if you couldn't tell.)

This little orange haired baby, has now morphed into this....but she's FAR from finished.

(Sigh...why do I show you works in progress? I think it's just because painting makes me so happy and I want you to be happy too. Doesn't making art make you happy? It's not just me, is it?)

Here's some art journaling supplies....

I must confess, the art journaling has really suffered because I've become so drawn to the canvas. Oh well, ya can't do it all. Although I do try.

Here's another confession . . . here's what sometimes comes after a long day at the studio. (Shhhhhh......Don't rat me out. I'm sure I paint off the calories.)


Margie said...

Oh boy, that was fun! I loved seeing your mom's work too! She is an amazing artist! Your most recent painting is lovely.

Tracy Carlton said...

oh my goodness this is just all too fabulous!
i want your mom to adopt me, for you to be my sister (every family should have two tracie/y's right?), and can i also move in with you (to your studio of course), and can we all go get ice cream together on hot summer days? :o)
LOVE your work tracie, thanks for sharing your mom's too, and LOVE your space!!!

Amy said...

Tracie, you have a very nice studio it is very neat looking too! Mine is quite messy lol. Great paintings. Is that little blue painting of Connie? I'm so happy you two hung out!!

Tracie said...

@Amy-that's so funny that you asked about the little painting that looks like Connie....I painted that a couple weeks ago and after i finished it I actually did think it looked like her! But it wasn't intentional...