Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Room to Bloom" with Lisa Dieken!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome to my blog series "Room to Bloom"! Some amazing women from around the world will be sharing their personal creative spaces with us. No matter if our space is desk in a corner of our kitchen or a spacious loft studio, we all need room to bloom, don't you think? I know you'll find these sanctuaries as inspiring as I do.

Welcome Lisa Dieken today! I've "known" Lisa now for sometime (in the internet and phone call sense)....she and I have taken several online classes together and I can tell you, she is a wise and gentle soul. I know you'll "see" that too as she explains the way she takes her studio with her into the wilderness on her regular hikes. Now that's "room to bloom"!


Right now my indoor creative space is a corner of a room. I use a painter's cloth on the floor, left over from when used to paint interiors and exteriors of homes. I claimed my "room to bloom" many years ago when I started drawing classes. It was a fairly large space through two moves. It was going to be large where I'm living now, but unfortunately it didn't work out as planned.

I also paint outside sometimes and have been known to do a bit of drawing/painting while on a hike. (My subject doesn't necessarily come from where I'm sitting, though it might.) The wilderness is one giant studio!

Oh! I can't leave out "my studio", the sidewalk! It is great fun to play with sidewalk chalk. This is one form of spontaneous/intuitive drawing for me.

I typically create in silence, though sometimes have music playing. My favorite time to work is... when I work! I usually create in small time frames, I'm not sure why. So I'll paint for awhile, then perhaps do some work for my business, then paint a bit more.

(A work in progress)

Space is a problem when I'm inside. I just make the best of it. Sometimes I sit on the floor, sometimes I use an easel, sometimes I use a small fold-away table. Like I mentioned before, I've taken larger canvases outside and sometimes I take art supplies on the trail with me. Not a problem with space there, except space to carry the art supplies!

Storage is also a problem especially for things that need temperature control, like paints and glues. I guess the solution here is that I have to be choosy in what I buy! Claiming the time can also be a problem, but I have no one but myself to blame for that! The solution? Be gentle with myself. Remind myself that my life experience goes incredibly more smoothly when I take the time to create. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

(Detail of a work in progress)

My future dream studio will be a large space with large windows looking out into the trees and meadows, views of the mountains off in the distance and a stream nearby. There will be plenty of storage, lots of table space and easel space, many large and small plants. For some reason I see really large Incan-type pottery on shelves. And of course you can't have a studio without a large art sink!

Outside is wilderness. There are places to sit and meditate, to listen to the stream and the wind, to listen and watch the birds and other wildlife. There is a place outside to create if I feel the desire. There is a big door to move large items in and out, a small kitchen for tea and snacks and a cozy indoor sitting area with a wood stove. Art supplies are abundant and there may even be a pottery wheel and kiln. It's one big creative playground in a wilderness haven! Maybe I'll invite all of you to come join me sometime!

I'm a multiple-media artist, photographer, shamanic practitioner, Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach(tm), avid hiker, nature goddess. I walk between the physical and spiritual worlds for my own healing and for the healing of others.

Some of the benefits that have resulted from working with me: greater access to one's creativity and connection to Source, increased sense of well-being, healing on a deep level, inner peace, vibrancy, balance and strengthening one's foundation, opening of the heart, being in the flow, experiencing insights and inspiration. I work with clients around the globe offering gentle one-on-one sessions (including soul retrieval) and mentorships as well as offering online classes.

Lisa's business website is here.

Lisa's inspiring blog is here.


Natasha said...

Once again, Tracie I LOVE this series...just LOVE it. It adds a whole new dimension to the artists i love!!

Lisa, I LOVE your space, especially the outdoor world. From the chalk drawings to the absolutely gorgeous works you have done, I am in awe of how you so beautifully incorporate life around you into your work.

Thank you so much for sharing and as always thank you Tracie for this incredible series!

Lisa said...

Yes, Thank you, Tracie for hosting this incredible feature on your blog!

And thank you Natasha for your sweet comments. We will have to get together and do some sidewalk chalkin'!

((Hugs)) all around! :)

Lynna G said...

I love to visit and see what you bring to the world Tracie, and this series is really wonderful.
Lisa I love how you integrate the different strands of your life and bring healing and creativity to what ever you touch.

Jenn said...

Lisa - I love how you truly integrate nature with your art. I also think it's awesome how you create in small spurts while you work!!! One of these days, I so want to come visit your outdoor studio and hike and paint with you!!