Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ready to Weave Your Own LEGEND?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A couple of years ago, I embarked on an incredible creative adventure - a 6 month online painting & writing mentorship with legendary artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud. That class was called "Leading a Legendary Life".

I'd done art journaling for a while, but had never painted anything larger than a book page! Shiloh's gentle guidance, support and encouragement helped me to discover the artist within. Since then, I can tell you the course of my life has dramatically changed for the better - I now proudly call myself an artist and am living a fully creative life!

Because I strongly believe in her message and method, I wanted to share with you a FREE call with my teacher, Shiloh McCloud, and Laura Hollick of Soul Art TV. The call is on Wednesday, March 2nd at 6pm PST/9pm EST . . . I'll be on the call too! Join me and over 100 other women by clicking here.

If you are curious about Shiloh's work, here is a short article she recently wrote:

Choosing to Lead a Legendary Life

Choosing to live a legendary life means giving ourselves permission to be amazing. We define what ‘amazing’ is for ourselves. It is not the “what” of living, but the “how.” Choosing to be legendary is more than an attitude and more than a way of being. When we choose to be legendary we have decided that we are defining the context in which our lives will be lived and experienced. Do you want vitality? Self expression? Do you want to feel like your life is on purpose?

There is a sparkling destiny waiting for you to say YES! The incredible good news is that as soon as you choose - the legend begins to do its teaching. We begin to put in context what has already occurred and what we are creating as a part of the whole design. We are the designer, and our life is the creation. The more we choose to create a life of meaningful relationships and projects, the more we call towards ourselves that which is in alignment with our legendary values. But even before we can define what is legendary for us we have to define our values - what is important to us. When we are clear on that - we then can proceed to invent a way of approaching life that creates it as consistent with our values.

To choose to live a legendary life means we are the opposite of the victim, while we are cognizant of our story so far, and we don’t need to get “rid” of it - we learn to use it to create our legend by putting it in context - we claim it and stop resisting it. The ragged story is disempowering us through our keeping active the suffering of the past. All that we have been through can be used to create our living legend in the present. A life lived this way is a design process, not a reaction process. Therapy only goes so far, and then it is time to take responsibility for how we respond to everything that comes from this moment on.

What is your legend about you? How are you holding yourself back from being your most wonderful self? What will it take for your heart to open towards you and others? 

Do you want to find out? 

When our love expands beyond our story, and we begin to create a life that is not limited by the past, but informed by it, healing occurs. Victory is in the making. But how does it happen? An awakened heart is the groundwork for being able to transform our legendary life into a life that serves others and becomes a blessing to the world.

We do not become legendary out of a desire to be ‘great’ as in famous - but out of a desire to first be great, as in our own eyes. Practicing self-honor is an integral part of creating our legend - and in fact it is the substance of self-honor that actually informs the legend itself. To practice self-honor is to come from the place of love for oneself - which naturally becomes love for others if we continue to strive for the next chapter in our unfolding legend.

Our identity lives inside of our creative soul. We cannot just think it. We have to do it. 

I hope you'll join us on the free call, Wednesday, March 2nd, 6pm PST/9pm EST. Click here to register!

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