Monday, November 8, 2010

My Gigantic Sketchbook

Monday, November 8, 2010
I tote a small sketchbook in my bag with me everywhere, but sometimes, there's just no substitute for a GIGANTIC one!

I used the latest Free People and Anthropologie catalogs as inspiration....I'm not sure I'd know quite how to draw a "live" model.

All these were drawn with a Sharpie marker and colorized with my tiny travel watercolor kit. I'm suddenly in love with the simplicity of ink and watercolor. (Me . . . the one with tons of Art Journaling paraphernalia! Great...the irony of that, as I'm an art journaling teacher, does not escape me. Maybe a sketchbook class is next??)

By the way...."21 Secrets, an Online Art Journaling Playground" is still accepting registrations thru the end of November. You'll have access to all 21 workshops thru the end of January. See details and register just to the right of my blog page. Come join us!!


Ansota said...

Love these kind of drawings. I have tons of Art Journaling paraphernalia as well and sometimes I do exactly the same thing ... use only markers and watercolors from a small watercolor kit. I switch from one to the other journal and style depending on my mood. I think the most important is that one should enjoy whatever you are doing and it doesn't matter which medium or size of journal you use ... just be fearless and enjoy life!

Margie said...

Watercolor with ink is one of my all time favorite combinations. And, I agree, I like the ease and neatness of working with them. Super creations Tracie! Hugs, Margie