Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eclectic Studio

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Here's a little update from my studio....but first . . . here's my mean clean palette - all ready for a BIG adventure with Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio! Check out her class here (it's now closed, but you MUST MUST sign up next time! It is a freakin' blast!)

I've had my hands in a little of everything lately....making art aprons for little girlie's I know....

Sending flocks of mail art to my artist chickie friends.....

even cranking out a canvas or three!


Lis said...

I seriously would love to live in your world. How absolutely yummy this all is! I would love to know more about your postcards and also the materials you use for your aprons. Really fun stuff!

So privileged to be in BIG with you!

man, oh man ... that palette looks tastier than a platter of nachos!

Colette said...

Wow. I love your apron and arty stuff!

Lisa said...

Hey! I recognize one of those postcards! :) So thrilled to have received it!

Yes, I agree with the others... would love to live in your world!

Love your inspiration, your art, your unlimited creativity! You are gushing creativity these days!