Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Sometimes things can get so dang serious. Things in life and even my creative dreams can get a bit lofty and heavy. (Yes I've much I plan to do!)

So when my head begins to swell with planning or making it all happen, my hand just naturally begins to doodle.

Guess it's my way of lightening up. We all need a bit of play and escape from time to time.

Before you know it, I've cut up my Whole Food's grocery bags and am "doodling" with a paint brush. Who said it has to be a pen? Who said it has to be serious or meaningful or worthy of a frame?

Next I've gone and ripped down my "serious big work on canvas" and pinned up some craft paper.... I'm playing BIG!
No surface is safe from my "Doodlicious" frenzy! Know anyone with the side of a barn in need of paint?

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