Sunday, November 15, 2009

Intentionally bad

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Intentionally bad photos to follow.

Why, you say?

Because it's bad, so they say . . . to do what I do.

Well not really bad.

But bad to use images that aren't your own.

And I agree if you are using them to put in your art ... that you sell and call your own.

But not in your own journals.
Which is just a book of your life.
And the things that pass through it.

And not in my book of "eye candy".

A book of "eye candy" I keep just for me.
Just a little book of things I find beautiful....and inspiring.

I go to a lot of art shows, craft faires, read a million art magazines and so on.
I see amazingly beautiful stuff out there.

And I want to remember.
Remember what I saw, who I met and the beautiful creations they make.

So I collect cards and flyers and brochures and pictures and stuff I find on the street.
Because they are beautiful. Period.
And I'm a fan....of great work and also of beautiful graphic design and typography.

So I stick it.
I paste it right in my book or on my book.
Like this book I altered the cover of, with beautific stuff I found in beautific magazines.
I made this book just to contain it all.
And I thought maybe you had stuff in piles just waiting for a place to park it.

If it's wrong to love beauty and inspiration, I don't wanna be right.

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Trudi Sissons said...

I always forget how much JOY I get from reading through your posts. This time was no different - I LOVE beautific! - great word. How about Sensatialicious! And NOW, why am I craving a glass of white sauv? MMMMMMMMMM....too cold outside - maybe I'll go for a richly delicitful Baileys!
Thanks for your joy! Please post your REMAINS of the DAY! I'm having a gas and want to see what your gas looks like!