Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dreams Don't Sleep

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My husband says "Dreams don't sleep". That's how he convinced me to get up at 5:00 A.M. on a Sunday morning to tote him to the airport. (He knows I'm a staunch believer in dream chasing!)

So he's off to Napa moving towards his dream of becoming a wine maker. He'll be spending time with dream digging vintner extraordinaire, Jason Moore, leaving me to share a little about my own dream catching.

It all started here yesterday, at my semi-annual trek to the open art studios of L.A. Brewery.

(Yeah....that's a hot tub atop one of the amazing artist's lofts. Ahhhh, swoon!)

Here's some of the amazing structures . . .

It's all wacky and fun and inspiring, but I digress.

The dream catching part is about more than taking in views of incredible art and diverse creative expression in these lofts.

(I mean after a little drinkie poo in a 3rd story stunner, we were more than ready to dance!)

No, the real dream unfolded when we strolled into yet another inspiring space and came upon Andre Miripolsky . . . THE Andre Miripolsky!!

Okay this guy is super famous and successful and all. But I've been a fan of his for 20-something years! I wear his "Fear No Art" button proudly on my little art apron. I was clueless that he was a local. I sure had no idea he lives in a loft that's open to the general public twice a year.

What a sweetheart he is. He spent tons of time with us talking about his next project (a monumental installation at the L.A. Convention Center). He signed a poster for us, let us take a dozen pictures or so (all of which I look like the goofus art groupie that I am).

If I could've danced like the girls practicing in their studio here, I would have!

I think I did become a bit of a "Wild Thing" . . . it's so embarrassing. I can't help myself - I'm awed in the presence of greatness. I'm such a lucky girl to have access to the amazing L.A. art community and someone so special to share it with.

I do believe it's true . . . "dreams don't sleep" . . . and they shouldn't - ever.



Hubbie's jazzed (and apparently thirsty) after a day of wine making.
Had to pull in the iconic Taylor's Automatic Refresher for a tall cool one.
It's a well known fact in wine country that "it takes a lot of beer to make good wine"! (His will likely be great!)

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