Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cloudy Days, Creative Chaos & Cocker Spaniels

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
I'm lucky to have a couple of days off to play . . .

But I had to drag the stuff from my little studio outside to my comfy warm kitchen cause . . .

Lately it's just too cold for a weather-spoiled California girl and her cocker spaniel pup! Do you see him napping on his bed above?

OK it's probably really only in the balmy mid-60's, but that's cold to us "beachy" types.....

Uh oh....do you spy something that's gone missing from the pic just above? If so, email me the answer along with your address, and I'll send the first 15 responders a little "collage pack" for your rainy journaling days!

I relish the change in temps and OH we have some puffy clouds in the sky......wheeeeeeeeee! A transplanted Southern gal rarely sees these kind of clouds!

It takes paint and glue and gesso and glaze so long to dry in the damp....it slows me way down! Way!

It's good to slow down, don't you think?

I'm dreaming of cool California evenings spent by the fire with my love. . . or if he's away, maybe gathering a group of crafty or pen wielding chicks like Lisa and Trudi and Katja and McCabe and Mary Ann or Shiloh would be amazing! If I could lure Vanessa from her luscious abode....OMG!

I've been so inspired by recent magazine spreads about bloggers getting together to meet in real life.....I'm longing to host an event like that in "typically" sunny SoCal! We'd make art, each tutor a little class for the others, have lots of walks and sugar-laced treats and belly dancing classes and yoga and lattes....sounds like fun, huh? Do I dare?


Lisa said...


Your journals are fantastic. I love what you are doing! You are so inspiring.

What an honor (and how fun!) to be mentioned!

Yes, I agree... it IS VERY good to slow down. It happens to be the very message my intuition has been sending me the past few days.

Let me know when that get-together is happening! :)


Trudi Sissons said...

I am convinced There is An Energy that exists between like-minded people - and especially the Creative Types where We can Communicate on a different Plane...because...

I was cruising the web looking for a great workshop to attend with another Creative Type friend today. I say the More the Merrier! And, if we found where that Missing thing was, and also the source that starts with a B and is red or white but fun all over, then each of us could make a Toast with it and the Merrier would be More than just a Capital M! Do I qualify now? LOL

Great post and thanks for thinking of me!

Four Seasons in a Life said...

In one of your photographs I see you to have a companion, who is resting on a cushion. I have a cat and she, like cats in general is very independent, except for when I am on my laptop she likes being between me and the keyboard.

Nice to see you are also friends with Trudi.

katja said...

Oh! Katja, that's me! lol ... I've been missing you, hoping you're well ... love your new blog!

(It was the wine that was missing!)


katja427@att.net (new email)