Friday, November 7, 2008

Naughtie YaYa's

Friday, November 7, 2008
Three years ago, eleven girlfriends formed a club of sorts that we call the "Hottie YaYa's". Only rule for membership is to have fun! We gather monthly for an afternoon away from our normal routine for lunch and laughter.
Each month, we alternate homes and hostesses, but in November we head out on the town to a really special restaurant. Monthly, we each pay $15 dues. It's saved up for a limo so we can be silly and safe while drinking a little too much champagne.
Who is the best dressed? I vote for the bejeweled sandals, periwinkle toe nail polish and 3 ankle bracelets.... and I swear those aren't my tootsies! Really, they're not!
This year, our driver Virginia, was so much fun that she became part of the party (except for the champagne part) and is now our officially sanctioned Hottie YaYa Driver. No one else will ever do!

This year, we decided on The Ritz Restaurant and it was delicious. We probably were a rowdier crowd than they normally serve, but our amazing waitress, Sandy was able to control us (kind of). She was so good to us, that we now have adopted her as our officially sanctioned YaYa waitress! For goodness sakes, how we girls do band together when having fun!
We must've been a pretty fun group, because we did inspire gifts of more champagne from a patron and a bottle of Chardonnay from the owner! I am truly grateful for limos--and generous men!


katja said...

Oh fun! You're the one with the red pointy shoes?

The Muse said...

Oh wow... I just well ok "envy" you all ! LOL LOL