Sunday, November 23, 2008

Johnny Be Good

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I once heard it explained that you can really only dream about when someone else shows up in your dream, it really is a part of yourself that you are dreaming of....

Since I've heard that theory, I've come to analyze all my dreams that way. So you can imagine that when Johnny Depp showed up in my dreams last night, I had to pay attention AND my husband cannot justify any jealousy!

So here's the dream and my interpretation of it in (parenthesis).....

I was seated at a beautiful bar (a smorgasbord of creative elixirs) waiting on some friends (my amazing and supportive artist chickie friends) when I noticed Johnny Depp (my alter ego--that is my most artistic, bohemian self) seated nearby.

Johnny walked over and started up a conversation. He seemed to really like me, know me and wasn't trying to pick me up! He asked if I'd join him for a ride on his motorcycle later in the evening (an invitation to set my inner artist free). Of course, I agreed and when he asked for my cell phone number, I willingly obliged saying "you can call up anytime" (the muse is always welcome!)

Before leaving, he bent down and kissed me passionately on the lips.....meanwhile my friends (artist chickie friends) walked in and were all quite impressed that I not only knew Johnny, but seemed to know him quite well! I told them, "yes, we've actually known each other off and on for 10 years." (Well--I have known my inner bohemian self off and on for about 10 years!)

Well, that was my G-rated Johnny dream....think I'll have more?


katja said...

Oh! I hope you'll have more! That was fascinating!

The Muse said...

One must love themselves before they can love others...Oh yes, I believe you are well on your way to at least a PG rated version of your dream LOL :)

Arty Em said...

oh yeah - Johnny comes to my dreams, too -- and he is very welcomed.
Love your blog - so glad you found mine!