Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Burning Questions

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
I am a lover and collector of questions.....strange hobby, I know. But I can't help myself! I love to ask questions and be asked questions. I read book after book about mysteries and secrets and all things unknown. Must be why I chose to study the oh so lucrative field of archaeology in college!
All that being said, I am in the midst of creating a new business and am working though a workbook by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. It's called "Heart of the Visionary, A Workbook for Women's Work".
In the author's opening letter to her readers, I was struck by a series of questions she calls Burning Questions. She says they lead to an awakened heart......I found this to be very true, so I thought I'd share the love....
  • What animal would you be if you could be any?
  • What work are you into? What projects....
  • What is on your mind first thing in the morning, before your eyes are open?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you doing work you enjoy?
  • What are you working on that is thrilling you?
  • What dream keeps coming back that is yet to be fulfilled?
  • Are you doing your life work-not just a work life?
  • Is there a dream you are nursing in the quiet?
  • Do you have an unreasonable desire?
  • What stories no longer serve you?
  • What project can I begin that inspires me?
  • How can I deepen my spiritual practice?
  • What am I excited about? I mean thrilled about....
  • Have I let too much of my bad girl go and replaced her with too much of the good girl?
  • How do I self medicate, and is it working?
  • What do I really long for?
  • What do I find most beautiful?
  • What would need to happen in my life for it to feel like a visionary life, a life well led?


Did any question awaken a place in you that you had long forgotten?


katja said...

LOL at the "oh so lucrative field of archaeology!"

What a gorgeous workbook this looks like! Thanks for the link!

The Muse said...

The questions are wonderful "points to ponder" and great icebreakers for upcoming parties this season!
And archeology? Oh how wonderful!