Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ooooh la la . . .

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just back from London and Paris-not quite sure what day it is still. The jet lag, however, doesn't dampen the memories.

I didn't know how deeply I would be affected by the "Mona Lisa". When my eyes first fell upon her, I thought, "okay, that's really good". But I wasn't struck. I slowly walked around the back of the room and came back to her in a minute. Thankfully, the crowds were small, as we had been correctly advised to arrive when the Louvre opened.

I allowed myself to be still. The other people in the room seemed to fade away. I gazed at the "Mona Lisa" for nearly 5 minutes before I "got it". With each blink of my eyes, she changed. Each time I looked away, then back, her enigmatic smile grew more mysterious. Her expression deepened and became more complex. There truly was something more here than I had noticed in other great works of art.

"Mona Lisa's" skin was radiant. She was alive. Was she breathing?

Now I understand why Da Vinci is the master. Now I understand how she has attracted multitudes of admirers throughout the ages. Now I understand why a security guard once stole her, rolled up the canvas and placed it under his bed for 3 years before being discovered!

Sorry, but my pictures of the Mona Lisa did not do her justice . . .

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