Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bury Me in My Cowboy Boots, an Armani Pantsuit & a Killer Turquoise Concho Belt

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Yesterday, we had an earthquake. It was a pretty strong one, although I have experienced much stronger. It's been quite some time though, and I was jolted into a reminder of what's important.
Armani. That's what's important. I've been longing to fit into an Armani pantsuit for 3 years now. My mother promised to buy me one if only it would fit. You see . . . Mr. Armani doesn't design for my size, but I'm only 1 size away. Only 1 measley size!
And for 3 years I haven't reached that goal!
I'm smart. I'm educated. I'm a freakin' schooled life coach! Yet I cannot gather the gumption to lose the 1 size needed to achieve my dream of wearing an Armani pantsuit.
Back to the earthquake. The leveler. The equalizer. The realization that time here on earth is so short, so fleeting. But . . . I can have that suit! I can. I can lose the 10 pounds it would take. What's so all-fired important for me not to? Another slice of cake, another glass of wine? I want that $2000 suit-just once!!!
And-I'd style it with my cowboy boots (made in Mexico) with my turquoise concho belt (made in New Mexico)! I'm sure Mr. Armani would approve.
By the next time I experience an earthquake worthy of 8 hour telecasts pre-empting the "Young and the Restless", "American Idol" and "Do You Wanna Be a Millionaire", I will have stocked my earthquake survival kit with an Armani suit, my killer concho belt and some wild-ass cowboy boots!

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